Freelancing Life in Pakistan Roundup 2022

It’s good news to hear that freelancing life in Pakistan is booming right now. The lifestyle that makes you be your own boss is itself advocates the things done right.

Pakistan became the IT hub with the record it exports of 2.1 billion in the previous fiscal year and ranked at 4th in the world.

No need to sit 24/7 at the table you have to set your time as you like. It first needs some attention at first.

When you start getting the client like you offer skills in digital marketing, web app, development there you need smart work.

Pros & Cons (Freelancing Lifestyle)

In Pakistan there is a time difference between Europe and the middle east so you have to set your table round the clock I also suggest the best time for freelancing.


Benefits are working remotely from home whenever you want, no time implementation, working capability you have to choice the hours you want to work on.

Decide your vacation , you are boss of your own.


Beside the side aspect of freelancing life in Pakistan is as a beginner you have to sit on the chair roud the clock as a beginner to win clients.

I remeber in the beginning it is neseccary to available 24/7 to clients. Rather tham 9 t0 5 its 24 hours online job.

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