How to Win Digital Marketing Project for Beginners

Primarily, I show you how to get “Digital Marketing Projects as a beginner student. Offer free to clients SMM or analyze website SEO campaign doesn’t make sense. But if we offer it with respective to win the projects thats smart work.

To win the digital marketing project for beginner you need to know first how to offer your service that some one take it why from you?

Blinks mind! I take you from the ideas you offer to win these projects even of you are a student and these are

Google My Business (local SEO)

It’s a great tool that helps businesses to get in the local listing of google maps in relative keywords.

Also helps business names to come at first in search.

All you need is to use this trick, Offer your client a free service that if you rank it business on google then he/she will give you bla, bla project.

Believe me, you do wonder for now. After a week he calls you and did the project. Definitely give you digital marketing project as a beginner.

SMM (on Facebook and Instagram)

Champion you have on the grip on your skill. Full passionate try it out offer the social media marketing service.

But why clients give you a project?. Simply you have to prove it.

Offer some designs and ads campaign its help you to improve communication in digital marketing.


That time you realize that a specific website loses traffic due to these specific keywords.

Make the google sheet and send it to client email this idea is work for SEO agencies many times definitely work for you.

I suggest offering them a backlinks building service and free SEO audit of the site to check its rankable build the impression. Got the point. Phir next pr chalein.

Google Adwords

Be a PPC champion in the AdWords campaign lands of digital marketing projects. Need of the time is:

Setting a campaign make sure more website clicks and have tracking id in it to gather more results and behavior so you show the clients

Best work for eCommerce and business to rank on keywords.

Facebook Pixel

On starting my career I have a man who has a problem attaching the Facebook pixels with its website.

I do the task and integrate pixels with its website and got hip hop project as a beginner.

Then I offer to hire me as Facebook ads manager and he hires me. It’s a turning point I realize solving clients will land you on your job.

I strongly recommend building your digital marketing portfolio first like beginners with these project ideas and if they work. Let me know below

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