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The top most demanding skill in Pakistan is Digital Marketing. But why?

As the most businesses move to online, it’s thought that every business needs to build revenue but marketing on tv channels is costly.

So here comes Digital marketers that use the data smartly on social media platfoms and seo of business to help them get band identity.

Rank locally is itself an art. Google my business is a great tool to make your business online on google.

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The line that i write is actually i do the marketing for my course. I also include the lines that hurry up limited time offer or limited seats available to learn digital marketing skill.

Tips to Win Clients in Digital Marketing

You have to sell your service to near by areas. Even the barber shop is good fit to offer Digital marketing. You live in Multan, Lahore, Faislabad and Karachi, Pakistan.

Go to your markets with your portfolio and give them leads or clients set a monthly package. Building portfolio is included in course outline also.

How to Create Digital Marketing  Agency in Pakistan

Your next part after getting learning is to make digital marketing agency. How you can do that?

Next numbers of millioners will be from internet. I suggest they are digital marketers.

Connect with like minded people open your network. I remember I take most of the projects with reference with starting as new.

So make the communication is on setting priority that why i recommend you do that, Altought how to make goood communication is cover in course.

Educate Small Medium Business

Its primarily to educate the business owners that you need this skill to boost your busienss.

But to do this in itself a task. So starting from a package instead make sure to offer them free in start.

Make this small business insta page and faceb page and if possible create it local listing at google my business.

By doing this actualy we  win the trust and client. If possible then run one ad to show them power.

Boom start your digital marketing course right now. Online available all over Pakistan.


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