20 High Income Skills to Learn in Pakistan

High-income skills make the freelancer’s lifestyle better in terms of lifestyle. Yes at AooSekho Skills we primarily focus on learning high-end skills. So it mean if you do not know about that you are missing the potential to change something

So these are skills that pay much more in Pakistan;

  1. Blockchain Development
  2. UI/UX Design
  3. Shopify Dropshipping ( Live Classes Mentoring Available)
  4. Real Estate Consultation
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Search Engine Optimization
  7. Video Editing
  8. Mobile App Development
  9. WordPress
  10. Financial Softwares
  11. Tax Consultation
  12. Stocks Trading
  13. Human Resource
  14. Supply Chain Distribution
  15. Home Decor
  16. Fashion Designing
  17. Custom Made Boxes
  18. Blogging
  19. Affiliate Marketing
  20. 3d Animations

1-Blockchain Development

The high-end skill of the era is blockchain and learning this skill will give you the job of 7-8 lacs salary per month. It high an income skill to learn in 2022.


So to learn we have it on OUR plaform here Blockchain Development complete course

2- UI UX Deign

The more mobile responsive gives a better experience to users so site ranking depends on the website design the better UI UX interface gives it an interactive look. So this is the best skill to start freelancing in Pakistan.

There are now many theme builders available online the most popular is WordPress, then Wix comes now to create the website’s stunning look you can also design it on mobile.

As most of the searches are done with mobile so user experience must be good on it that’s why website design is the best freelancing skill to start work now.

So to learn we have it on OUR platform here UI UX Design Using Figma

3- Shopify Dropshipping

How I can complete this favorite blog post without writing the Shopify dropshipping is one of the best emerging and trending skills right now.

Why Shopify platforms are the best solution for eCommerce and dropshipping business model is good enough. Believe me, it’s a great fortune for freelancers to grab the skill to develop the stores and make the jazz.

To learn it with the Live course available by AooSekho Skills Whatsapp: 0324-4968243, will start this Thursday.

4-Real Estate Consultation

The consultancy is stayed on the line to make your revenue from both sides with counseling skills you provide consultancy about study abroad, hajj umrah from Pakistan yes this skill set required networking and marketing so you can also provide freelance services to consultancies in Pakistan.

Real state consultation is still on the boom and buying and selling of properties if you work as real estate broker its still the high-income skill in Pakistan and in the world right now.

5-Social Meda Marketing

This is high-income skill as well trending business that helps your own brand to grow via social media if you have it you damn it and it’s worth it.

Community management is one of the top tasks and on social media, it’s worth it. Social media marketing is staying on top of all other freelancing so why not be a social media manager to handle different pages and make it done with a team?

6- Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is: How you can help us to rank on the first page of google. The client clearly wants this! if its done right that it’s the highest income skill in Pakistan and it’s in demanding also there are chances you can hire by a multinational firm

7- Video Editing

More brands have more youtube channels to engage consumers’ need for video content and to make it interactive needs a video editor that’s why video editing is high income in Pakitan to adopt.

8- Mobile App Development

Mobile users are more active than active user so every business and website brand need an app mobile app developer is a demanding skill in Pakistan every mobile app developer used to make prototypes and make stunning playstore and IOS operating apps.

9- WordPress

The website for every business is a must WordPress is one of the easiest skills to learn and develop websites with simple themes import. Every business in Pakistan demand has its own website. You can pay higher for more functionalities and your portfolio

10- Financial Software

Developing financial software for businesses and selling them as a digital products to offer software solutions is a high-income skill in Pakistan

11- Tax Consultation

As September is the last month to return a file in Pakistan from June to July fiscal year you can provide tax consultation in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Karachi.

to return your file and offer tax consultation to save the tax and give your high ticket clients.

12-Stock Trading

Start the stock trading with savings you have in the Pakistan stock exchange and get long-term investment for higher dividends when you get the experience you can offer your portfolio as a broker to newbies and get the sky is the limit income.

13- Human Resouce

Providing this recruitment service to corporates will help you to get a high income in Pakistan. Getting this process you get contracts with corporates that pay with one hire or pay you monthly of every salary.

This way you can provide human resource skills in Pakistan or outside Pakistan.

14- Supply Chain Distribution

Supply chain distribution or you can say wholesale distribution business in Pakistan to start that you need to pick office right location, warehouse and have a good supplier you can go with wide labeling and make the product go towards your end.

Its high-income business and skill but important role to play with suppliers side to your customers. You can also get the right of some products for distribution in Pakistan.

15- Home Decor

Everyone earns to get a better lifestyle its starts from home so the home decor is a skill that is high income easily you must be creative and color friendly ming you can do magic. Interior design creativity also come here so do it in Pakistan you get satisfied.

16- Fashion Designing

Getting the best and most unique dress design the fashion designing skill is a boom in Pakistan. if you learn fashion designing you get higher paid for your design also you can launch your own brand or service to the industry of fashion

From bridal wedding dress, streetwear and classic wear categories need fashion designers to launch a new collection.

17- Custom Made Boxes

Every brand needs branding so packaging is important offers custom-made boxes and exporting them via logistic service makes you high income and exports for Pakistan.

18- Blogging

The travel, and food blogs are on trending you can also write on sports or current affairs and having the WordPress website and blogging content you get monetize your traffic and earn hight as much as you can.

19-  Affilaite Marketing

The best side hustle and skill is affiliate marketing. You have to sell the affiliate related to your business it is maybe the website or blog in which you write articles.

Sell the products with the affiliate links when someone gets purchased you will get awarded.

20- NFT (3D animations)

Developing the nft design of 3d animation will pay you alot you can sell these nfts on open sea and more marketplaces like that is high income skill in Pakistan hope so you get the emerging skill.

ALways tty to connect. I share new information every tuesday and thursday do visit daily get your skills polish.

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